is a participatory mechanism for constructive collaboration between Indian citizens and those individuals and organisations who serve as enablers & advocates on behalf of the marginalized and the unheard. Though will be governed and managed by the following collective, constituent stakeholders from beneficiary communities, campaigning organizations’ and supporter communities are consulted on a regular basis.


nfp-samarthan The Samarthan Trust, which since 1992, has been supporting various people’s organizations and movements in India by generating financial support, sponsoring research and producing educational materials towards strengthening larger and crucial concepts of human emancipation, equality, justice, democracy and right to self-governance.



nfp_thirdumpire ThirdUmpire intervenes within the Third Sector, partnering and working with non profit organisations, social enterprises and small business entrepreneurs in providing fair-priced digital media solutions, charity event logistics, people development programs and other strategic solutions.


nfp_cff Centre for Fundraising (CFF) is India’s leading management consulting firm providing full function fundraising solutions to the Non Profit organizations. CFF offers complete set of fundraising support right from strategizing, planning, implementation, execution to evaluation.CFF works with Indian companies and multinational corporations to help them pick up the right non- profit organization for awarding grants and executing their CSR initiatives.


We, as ordinary citizens of India, engage with civil society issues because we share a vision and commitment towards matters greater than ourselves. Addressing issues that confront humanity, initiated by our people or organizations require independent support, broad-based legitimacy and of course, funding. The source of our support, legitimacy and funding has a direct impact on the viability of our campaigns. Individual Citizens, whether they are students, teachers, salesmen or businessmen contribute either through voluntary participation or small donations and while their particular contribution could be small, it bolsters the democratic fiber of our society. We would appreciate your participation in this our network of many valiant and poorly funded battles of ordinary citizens who continue their fight to find balance in their lives and the in the values of our democracy.

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