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Since, we started our campaign on, we have received tremendous love and support from people we never knew existed, and who didn’t know of our existence.

Although the amount we hoped to raise towards the medical expenses of our inmates was just Rs. 17,000 each month, in a matter of just three weeks, we have been able to exceed that goal. We have so far received Rs, 40,000 from a number of beautiful souls. But theres more …

We received a visitor, who after reading about our campaign on, came along with his friends and family to distribute new clothes to all our inmates.

The Al-Burooj International School in Bangalore, apart from a very generous donation, also got their children to visit Ashiana and spend time with the old people.

Deprived of love and care from their own children, our inmates were overwhelmed meeting the kids, in whom they saw their granddaughters and grandsons.

The news website TwoCircles based on the campaign, did a story about our old age home. We are told, that the story reached over 5,366 people on Facebook alone. We never imagined that kind of response, for our humble work.

A relatively new grassroots organisation, by the name Chaluvali has agreed to sponsor a nurse, who would regularly visit Ashiana starting next month, and attend to the needs of our inmates.

Last but not the least, a very old friend of Ashiana, happened to visit us, and moved by the stories of the inmates, helped sponsor the digging of a bore well. Although, his contribution is not connected to the online campaign itself, however going by the incredible support we have started to receive, we can see clearly see the connection.

All we want to say, to everyone,
who has supported us is Thank you so much!

– Mohammed Farooq, Ashiana

Visit the campaign page: “17 Old-Timers in an Old Age Home“.