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  • A Big Thank You to Everyone who came, Contributed and made it a Thought Provoking Experience.

    Posted on 27/07/2015 By admin

  • Since, we started our campaign on, we have received tremendous love and support from people we never knew existed, and who didn’t know of our existence. Although the amount we hoped to raise towards the medical expenses of our inmates was just Rs. 17,000 each month, in a matter of just three weeks, we […]

    Posted on 11/07/2015 By admin

  • – our Social Advocacy Platform is holding its first Stakeholder Meeting. This is not just for the NGO folks and we are looking forward to meeting a diverse cross-section of people. We’re firming the list up rather than end up with a lets-see-who turns-up state of affairs. If you are inclined to attend, do […]

    Posted on 03/07/2015 By admin

  • Janasadbhawana is voluntary initiative and does not receive funds or grant from any organization, and usually run from pillar to post to somehow keep their work going. Janasadbhawana has raised just about enough money to fund a month or two of work. Without you, we would not be able to continue to counsel, pay the […]

    Posted on 13/06/2015 By admin

  • “On behalf of all at the Alternative Law Forum, thank you for doing such an amazing job with our funding campaign. We look forward to working more closely with especially in ways to improve visibility as well as work more strategically for future campaigns”. A grateful “THANK YOU” to our Supporters, from all of […]

    Posted on 13/06/2015 By admin