If you are an individual, or an organization interested in raising funds, awareness and support for your cause, with a community of enthusiastic people supporting you, you’ve come to the right place. While our focus is on social activism as a vehicle for creating change, we support all forms of change-making: entrepreneurial, advocacy, community organizing, research and inspiration. NotforProfit.in(dia) is more than just a funding website. We are a platform for collective effort of individuals who network and pool their efforts or money, to support efforts initiated by you or your organization. Your work/campaign can be anything that has the ability to have social impact. It could be forest conservation, human trafficking, an alternative school, counting trees in your city… Pretty much anything with a vision of creating change can find a home on NotforProfit.in(dia). Just keep your message simple and deliver it personally.

If you need a bit of help read the notes at the bottom of this page.

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Your NotforProfit.in(dia) campaign needs:

A Compelling Campaign Title: Even the best campaigns don’t get read when they have humdrum titles. The title is the first, and perhaps greatest impression you make on a potential supporter. So inspire excitement for your work, and let your personality shine through.

Choose a Funding Goal: Research how much money you need to complete your campaign and set your funding goal in Indian Rupees.

Set a Timeline: Funding can last anywhere from 14 to 90 days. However, set a timeline long enough that you have time to build interest and reach your audience, but not so long that it becomes redundant.

Campaign Description: This is the most important part of your campaign, so make sure you put forth the heart and soul of your story. Introduce yourself or your organization. Share the progress you’ve made so far with photos, videos and any research you’ve done. Visualize as much of your information as possible. Your video doesn’t have to be pro; it only needs to tell the story.Share how you intend to utilize the funds and be open and honest about whatever you’re trying to sort out. Speak to the reader, and don’t orate. While it’s true that for some audiences, extreme formal writing is required, however, the idea behind NotforProfit.in(dia)is to foster empathy and connection with potential supporters.

Show your backers how passionate you are. Share your vision.