Please continue to donate towards daily medicines, care, relief supplies and a doctor-on-call for the old people at Ashiana. We’ve committed to 6 months of support @17,000/month.

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17 Old-Timers in an Old Age Home

Some of them remember their past, a few do not but all of them have stories – of Poverty, Neglect, Loneliness, Insecurity, Ailments and Mental, Physical and Verbal abuse.

He came to Bangalore in search of a livelihood decades ago from his native Vellore in Tamil Nadu. He was a painter by profession and today suffers from constant wheezing problems and Asthma. When old age took a toll on his body, his brush started slipping away from his strengthless hands. With the responsibility of providing for his family still on his shoulders, the 78-year-old man toiled on, taking up odd jobs for a meagre pay.

Eight months ago,  tragedy struck –  While on their way, to visit him in Bangalore, his wife, and two daughters were crushed to death, when the vehicle they were traveling in collided with a truck. His age compounded by grief, eventually found him abandoned to the cruelty of the streets.



The poet hails from the city of Lucknow. He says he does not know what happened to his family, but he recollects most of his poems, eloquently penned by him, under the pen name ‘Badal’. The only possession he has is a suitcase full of books, except for a pair of tattered clothes.


He, a 65-year-old well educated man, was abandoned by his wife and children and left on the streets. In shelter homes such as ours, most people forget, who they were in the past, and try to live a new life again. We help them, by building new relationships, and sometimes also new names. We call him, The Boss.


She was on roads for 10 days, before someone in her neighbourhood brought her to our shelter home. When we contacted her daughter, she said, she cannot take care of her, and her son asked us to leave her on streets.


He was found with wounds all over his legs and hands. This 65-year-old suffers from leprosy. He says he left his home, in his twenties when the woman he wanted to marry, refused his proposal and chose someone else. Since then, his life spiraled downwards, ending up at Ashiana.



Though the Ashiana Old Age Home needs support in terms of staff wages, food supplies and other overheads, your donation will primarily be used by the Trust for Medical Care, Relief and Supplies including the services of a consulting allopathic or naturopathic doctor to be available for regular check ups and specific visits in times of need.
Health issues that these old people face range from the usual hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, joint pains, various infections and eye problems to Depression and Dementia. In order to minimize suffering these situations require proper and timely intervention.
The cost per month for Daily Medicines, Emergencies & Consultations averages to about @ Rs. 1000 per person.
Though the amount that we have specified is only Rs. 17,000, we hope to be able to raise the same amount each month for the next six months. Amounts raised in excess will be earmarked for the following month.


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