Support the Navsarjan Trust, one of the largest grassroots organizations in India, has been fighting against manual scavenging, Dalit exploitation and untouchability for more than two decades.

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Here’s a chance for you to have an impact on a deserving student’s professional education beyond the prescribed. You will also be supporting ALF in it’s mission of “lawyering for change”

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The LGBTIQ community comes together every year under the umbrella of the Coalition for Sexuality Minorities Rights (CSMR) to raise awareness through multiple events culminating in the Pride March.

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Please continue to donate towards daily medicines, care, relief supplies and a doctor-on-call for the old people at Ashiana. We’ve committed to 6 months of support @17,000/month.

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Janasadbhawana, for over a decade has worked to reform young, first-time offenders in jail, helping them with legalities, bail and counseling. Many of whom now work as volunteers of the organization.

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Fund A Participant! This inaugural course conducted by the Alternative Law Forum aims to equip participants with a basic understanding of core debates in the law relating to gender and sexuality.

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