Support the Navsarjan Trust, one of the largest grassroots organizations in India, has been fighting against manual scavenging, Dalit exploitation and untouchability for more than two decades.

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The hushed silence about HIV and AIDS in rural India, is deafening. Even today, they are subject to intense stigma and discrimination. As to the travails of the children who are affected, the less said the better.

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Education provides children with opportunities to escape poverty and experience a better quality of life. Of our 125 children, about 25 still need to find an annual sponsorship of Rs. 7200 only.

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The Kalap School in remote Uttarakhand will run parallelly with the government school after regular school hours & full-time on holidays & during vacations filling the gaps in the government system.

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The Plustrust project brings together stakeholders in the MDMS supply chain, maps activities, develops efficiency norms and simple tools to monitor the input supply chain all the way up to the child’s plate.

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