Zara is now a six-month-old, healthy Bonnet Macaque, who is being raised at PfA along with Clara, Zen, Elena and Chiku who all share a common connection; they are all orphans who need care & warmth ..

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Help People for Animals with an Incubator

Zara was born in May at the shelter to an injured adult Bonnet Macaque named Meera. The story of Meera is a tragic. Meera was rescued by PfA after she was found severely injured. While examining Meera for injuries, it was discovered that she is pregnant. Meera delivered two days later to a beautiful little one, who was named Zara. Meera’s condition was so severe that she was unable to feed and take care of her new born. Our rehabilitators tried their best to feed Zara initially, but she just would not allow herself to be fed by them.

The final tragedy took place when Meera passed away losing the battle to her injuries. Zara was left without a mother at a time when she needed her the most. The rehabilitators tried to fill in the gap left by Meera, becoming surrogate parents. Through constant care and affection Zara continues her life at PFA.

Zara, Clara, Zen, Elena and Chiku were all hand raised by the rehabilitators.


Why do we need an incubator?

With the availability of an incubator, future Zaras’ can be given the care and warmth they deserve, and provided with a higher level of care through the time they need it most! There are several babies being raised at People for Animals rescue and rehabilitation centre, who require critical conditions to be maintained during their early development. An incubator will increase the survival rate of those born prematurely at the shelter or even those suffering from an infection.

An incubator is used to provide oxygenation and to prevent infant respiratory distress syndrome, which affects neonates born preterm. Mainly, incubators are used to keep neonates under observation and monitor their bodily activity by measuring temperature, respiration, cardiac function etc.

Neonates have a higher chance of contracting an infection. Incubators help in protecting the new born from infections, cold temperatures and ensures their survival for the future. Continuous warmth is vital for the survival of neonates and juveniles. The temperature can be regulated and maintained within a constant range in incubators. The additional advantage of an incubator is that any neonate, juvenile or even an adult animal in a critical state can be housed in an incubator.


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