Here’s a chance for you to have an impact on a deserving student’s professional education beyond the prescribed. You will also be supporting ALF in it’s mission of “lawyering for change”

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Street Justice: Fund a Deserving Student

What are streets for? For walking, vending, playing, sleeping, eating, talking to people – the list is endless. On any street one encounters the diversity of people, livelihoods, and interactions that characterise our urban ecosystems.

However, the regulation of street is increasingly at odds with reality of these spaces​, and communities dependent on the streets for shelter and livelihood are being deprived of the right to access streets. At the heart of these regulations is a limiting imagination of the city space- this course will take you  through the lived realities of city streets.



This short but packed course on the changing nature of urban streets and its impact, will consist of modules that aim to equip participants with a basic understanding of the –
  • Contestations ​around​ urban streets by looking at various campaigns around street vending, sex-work, urban bio-diversity and urban transport.
  • Governance structures and decision making related to urban streets by looking at the law, policy and other legal instruments related to streets.
  • The diverse uses of the streets by different communities.
Comprising of four modules spread over two days, we are offering the course on 2​7​th​​​ and 2​8th​ of ​February 2016.

What do we need funds for?


ALF needs your support

Although we have tried our best to keep the course fee to as low as possible, it has come to our notice that there are deserving students who want to take up the course, but are unable to afford it. The course is available at a fee of Rs. 3000 which will include course materials.

We would greatly appreciate any support you can give to these students to pursue the course. It would mean so much to them. And also please consider helping to spread the word! Thank you!


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