Education provides children with opportunities to escape poverty and experience a better quality of life. Of our 125 children, about 25 still need to find an annual sponsorship of Rs. 7200 only.


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Svackshee Sansthan envisions a society where people are enabled and empowered to have understanding and control on their lives, which is free from social evils, prejudices and biases. This will help them to live a better life in all aspects.


About 50% (1.61 Lacs) of the population of Kishangarh Bas Block is from the minority community. The Muslims in this area are called Meos, a worrier sect in the past. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes also form a significant part of the population. Demographic expansion in the last decade or so is putting massive pressure on the inhabitants’ families.

The literacy rate in Mewat is appallingly low, particularly in case of Females. For Muslim women in Mewat, the literacy rate is roughly 1.76% to 2.13%, the lowest in the country, by any measures. The society has been traditionally a male dominated society and women are subjugated in the name of religion, traditions and customs.

Child marriage, dowry, illiteracy and skewed sex ratio are the present day manifestation of this traditional practice of gender oppression. Gender inequality is an established norm in this area. In most of the villages, TV and radio are banned due to religious beliefs.

Svackshee Experimental School is unique in many aspects: This experimental school is serves as a live example for our scale up interventions in government schools. Kishangarh Bas Block has more than 1500 children who are still deprived of quality education!


  • We provide freedom of pace of Learning to children.
  • To ensure quality education teacher student ratio is kept 1:25
  • Absolute child centred learning environment for all children
  • Curriculum inculcates and emphasizes on using local knowledge and environment for learning
  • Drawing, drama, songs, games and other creative skills are an integral part of the curriculum.
  • School has no place for forced discipline and punishment.
  • Children including girls feel safe and secure in the school.
  • Toilets are provided for boys and girls
  • School building is constructed with active community contribution and support.


Annual sponsorship costs Rs. 7200/- per child
Sponsor a Child in whole or in part. Stay Connected. And Thank You!

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