is a Community Fundraising & Social Advocacy Platform. As our name implies, we are interested in Indian Campaigns and Indian Supporters. is not just about giving money but also about Making a Choice to support larger community initiatives which in turn helps us build ourselves, our communities and our democracy.

Because the unfortunate reality is that all citizens are not equal. Those that live in the fringes, out of sight, both geographically and away from the mainstream mind-space have relatively little control over decisions made regarding their lives. Decisions are taken and sometimes not taken, by people far away at the center of things. Consequently, their access to available resources towards improving their circumstances remains limited. exists as a participatory mechanism for constructive collaboration between us as Citizens and those individuals or organizations who act as enablers and advocates on behalf of the marginalized and unheard.

The Samarthan Trust, established in 1992 helps various people’s organizations and movements by generating financial support, sponsoring research and producing educational materials towards strengthening larger and crucial concepts of human emancipation, equality, justice, democracy and right to self-governance. Though is governed and managed by the Samarthan Trust, constituent stakeholders from affected communities, campaigning organizations’ and supporter communities will be consulted on a regular basis.

Crowd-Sourcing or Crowd-Funding is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their efforts or money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. A Crowdfunding model includes

  1. The people or organizations that propose the idea or project to be funded, and
  2. The crowd or people who support the proposal. Crowdfunding is then supported by
  3. A platform (e.g., which brings together the project initiator and the crowd.

An amount we’re forced to deduct is 5% of the funds raised. This covers the Payment Gateway Fees, currently at 3.5% + 14.5% taxes. Therefore 95% of funds raised reaches the campaign. As you may be aware, we are not funded. We’re bootstrapping it. We’re starting small but we will have to figure out how we can avoid deducting even this fraction.

Yes! Campaign feedback is integral to our way of thinking. We will ensure that you receive a feedback report by email. When you receive the feedback report will vary depending on the campaign. Updates on the campaign will be posted on the campaign page itself. If you need an answer to another question, please write in to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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