John Donne’s in his Devotions (1624) begins with
“No Man is an Island” but for some, it sometimes feels like one.

On, we have people working directly with the aged-homeless, injured horses, refugee children and first time offenders in prison. They work to the beat of a different drum. They feel the pain, have the passion and have made a commitment to alleviate someones suffering and to create hope. Starting a funding campaign on is really only a beginning. Most of our “Social Workers” and Organisations don’t have the required skills and struggle to meet their funding and other goals. Their work is in constant need of support.

We do not have the Manpower or the funds to do this on our own. We need you to come in and share the challenge! With your help, we can come up with ideas they can use, share and tell their story on blogs, social media or using any medium you are comfortable with and get more people involved. You will be a kind of a Social Activist who, in involving yourself in the larger picture, helps find ways to solve the economic, social and psychological challenges facing many communities.


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If you have the ability to to reach out to people and to persuade; the enthusiasm and the perseverance, then join us and make a difference. Write in to or use the form provided below.
We suggest that you choose and let us know the area that you are comfortable with, e.g., Animal Welfare, Children etc., an area where you would be able to empathize with and understand underlying issues. We’ll get back to you soonest!

    Individually We Make a Difference,
    but Collectively We Are the Difference !

    Posted on 01/09/2015 By admin