Our internships are open to students of Mass Communication,
Journalism, Digital Video & Film Making, Law & Finance/Accounting.

If you are looking to pursue a career in the social sector or even otherwise, this is a great way to gain some first-hand experience. Our internships provide an opportunity for students to deepen your theoretical knowledge of various “across the board” developmental perspectives and put into practice processes that answer at least in part, social sector challenges in the Indian context.

Our Internship positions are available round the year and are of 1-6 months duration, out of our Bangalore office. Internships are more demanding than volunteering since we look for people with some knowledge and skills. As an intern, your work will be largely determined by what we are engaged with but your assignments will be customized considering your interests and learning needs. Depending on your interview, we MAY be able to provide you with an allowance to offset some of the local travel and related costs. Additionally, if and when you are ready, your internship could grow into a part or full time job with us or one of our associates.

Fill out the form below or apply by email to support@notforprofit.in with a short statement on why you believe you would be a good fit and attach your resume.

    Posted on 10/10/2015 By admin