Motorcycle Travellers Meet started off being a meeting of like minded serious travellers and adventure motorcyclists.

Connect, Share, learn and Inspire

The stories and journeys of travellers who have crossed boundaries of comfort and the known have always inspired us. The thought of being among such simple souls and achievers is valuable for our dormant dreams of the road. With utmost joy we revel in the company of such travellers and give ourselves hope to the dreams of getting out there into the unknown. In ways, search for our own freedom. MTM is an effort to bridge the gap. We believe; a journey is the means to explore the inner self.

There are journeys for recreation and then they are journeys that are meaningful, for oneself or in the larger scheme of things. It takes immense amount of courage to pursue them most often it remains dormant. All it takes is a simple step – start. What if – MTM provides the framework to identify and connect with your journey.

We exist with the purpose of creating inspirational engaging experiences in the form of traveler meets and story documentation that are meaningful and delve deeper into human courage that connect with the philosophy of why we travel. We create opportunities to learn through experiences designed by people who have set out on the path, through workshops, interactive sessions that emphasize to fulfill dreams of crossing barriers. We are not a community. We are a platform; an evolving archive that aims to create an immersive path for exploration through journeys.

Posted on 06/01/2016 By Tito Chandy