E. Deenadayalan
The Other Media
Deena serves as the General Secretary of "The Other Media (TOM)" and as the Managing Trustee of NotforProfit.in's parent organisation - the "Samarthan Trust"; Both of which have been active in supporting various people’s organizations and initiatives since the early nineties.
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Dr. Lalitha Iyer
The Plus Trust
Lalitha is an independent consultant, with a special interest in institutional change facilitation in the social sector - education, livelihoods & micro-finance. She helped found the "Plus Trust" which offers fellowships on inclusive education & animal welfare.
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Nityanand Jayaraman
Independent Journalist
Nity is a Chennai-based writer and researcher on environmental & human rights issues. He has been associated with the Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, Greenpeace and Corpwatch and is a part of a voluntary collective called the Corporate Accountability Desk (CAD).
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Kunal Verma
Centre for Fundraising
Kunal is currently the Managing Director for Centre for Fundraising (CFF), based out of Delhi. Over the years, he has been successful in developing, establishing & nurturing fundraising operations for a number of NGOs including ActionAid, Christian Children’s Fund and Oxfam in India.

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